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Colorado Hairstyling Program 

Course Objective:


The hairstyling course provides comprehensive training in hair and is designed to train the student in the necessary skills, safety, proper work habits, business skills and desirable attitudes needed to obtain a license and entry level job positions in the field. Occupational possibilities for hairstylist include: stylist, platform artist, product educator, salon manager, salon trainer, distributor sales consultant, salon owner.

Hairstyling Course Requirements:


Shampooing, rinsing, and conditioning                     60 Hours

Haircoloring                                                             240 Hours

Haircutting                                                               240 Hours


Hairstyling                                                                210 Hours


Chemical texture services                                        120 Hours

Law, rules, & regulations                                           30 Hours 

Management, ethics, interpersonal skills,                  30 Hours 

& salesmenship

Disinfection, sanitation, &                                          270 Hours 

safe work practices


       Total Hours                               1200 Hours

Program Costs:

Application Fee:                                     $100

Tuition:                                                  $12,800

Deluxe Student Kit & book Set:              $1,000

   Total Cost:                               $13,900

Click to download:

Standard Occupational Classification Codes- Hairstyling SOC code 39-5012.00

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Standard Occupational Classification Code for a Hairstylist is 39-5012.00.

Perspective students and parents can visit the occupational profile on the Department of Labor’s O*NET website at

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